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Pocket Quads™ "LightSpeed" Brushless Freestyle Quadcopter

Pocket Quads™ "LightSpeed" Brushless Freestyle Quadcopter

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Like all Pocket Quads our models are true bind and fly. We pay close attention to detail in building, tuning and testing each model. These models are custom built and may take up to 4 weeks or more before shipment.


Includes Lifetime frame warranty!

The name says it all. At just 46/49 grams for 2" or 2.5" respectively the LightSpeed is a very quiet and lightweight aerobatic capable backyard flyer. The LightSpeed's capability are second to none with it's extreme lightweight giving the "lofty" or "floaty" feeling of larger models. Boasting not an 8:1 thrust to weight ratio the top speed results in 80 km/h.

LightSpeed features top of the line components such as

  • 25-200mw 5.8ghz video transmitter with Smart Audio. Change channels in the on screen display.
  • RunCam® Nano 650 tvl 1/3 CMOS with 160 degree lense and 40 degrees of tilt means a wide field of view no tilt adjustment needed.
  • Highest quality HLY 1104 7000kv brushless motors
  • 3-5 Minute flight time with just a 300mah 2s battery. 
  • F4 flight controller with OSD and Betaflight 3.2.X
  • Optional FrSky XM+ dual antenna receiver with rssi
  • 2s capable (7.4v) 4 in 1 esc with dshot 600. Not 3s compatible.
  • Programmable locater beacon through betaflight using motor chimes

The frame is composed custom designed unbreakable nylon material. The material has the consistency of rubber allowing for an extremely quiet and vibration resistant frame. The ability to absorb impacts protects both the frame itself and the electronics like nothing else.


  • 1x pre-built "LightSpeed" quadcopter
  • 8x propellers
  • FrSky full range diversity receiver. FlySky and Dsm2 are single antenna mid range receivers. Expect much greater range with FrSky receivers.
  • 1x Lifetime Frame warranty, just pay shipping.


  • FrSky, FlySky or Spektrum DSM2 capable transmitter depending on which receiver option was chosen. Good examples include FrSky qx7, FlySky i6 or Spektrum Dx6i.
  • 300mah 2s battery. Sky is the limit on the battery capacity. A 1000mah 2s battery hovers at 45% throttle. However, 300mah is really the sweet spot and hovers at 25% throttle.
  • 5.8Ghz receiver. The goggles used in testing are the eachine ev800D.
  • Betaflight Configurator 10.0 or higher. Older versions will not work.
  • Models are ready to fly but some adjusting may be necessary such as setting up switches specific to your transmitter for some functions.